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Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is a process where blood is drawn from your fingertips, put under a high-powered microscope and studied. This process is also known as nutritional microscopy or darkfield microscopy terrain assessment. It is done to analyze how the blood behaves in your body. The process gives a clear picture of your health at a cellular level but it does not necessarily diagnose disease.

There are a couple of clinics that offer live blood analysis in Pretoria and almost all of them promote naturopathy. That is what drew me to it. When you reach a certain age, you deal with all sorts of ailments; sometimes it might feel like your body is waging war.

I was already dealing with fatigue and mood swings which my regular doctor attributed to stress and the onset of menopause. The idea of popping pills every day just to cope was not appealing and as much as yoga and breathing exercises helped me center myself, I knew there were chemical deficiency and imbalances I needed to deal with.

How does it work – how my experience exceeded my expectations?

I booked a session for a live blood analysis in Pretoria and had my blood drawn and magnified under a powerful microscope. The Doctor or naturopath was graceful and explained the red blobs that were my red blood cells. Apparently, the ideal structure and behavior of red blood cells are that of round and plump blobs that sit and move all by themselves. I was gearing myself up for a lot of medical jargon, a diagnosis and a prescription of how to right the wrongs. Instead, I received an education about what a dehydrated cell looks like, what a cell without the right nutrients looks like. I learned also about the significance of cell numbers and about the significance of white cells and red blood cell counts to overall health. I soon learned of how a naturopath can tell which organs are stressed, the harmful toxins that latch on to the cells and do damage to internal organs and the pH imbalances. My first visit was a revelation; I left the practice with a better understanding of my body and how to improve my health in general.

Return to nature: where to from here

I have been a fan of natural remedies but up till then I was just watching what I ate, getting my daily multivitamin supplement and extra vitamin c to boost my immune system during flu season but as you age, there are things that start to happen to your body that isn’t exactly related to an actual disease but are a result but rather to our diet and unhealthy lifestyle.


There are some skeptics out there who do not believe that live blood analyses have legitimate health benefits but those who have been through it have learned how chronic or degenerative diseases can be prevented with early detection in the blood. has helped me make informed nutritional choices and lifestyle choices. It does not provide a cure but an alternative way for people to live a longer, healthier life. You can also find a practitioner in Johannesburg.